Pad and click - a simple way to customize and improve your mouse
From our customers:

"They work exactly as described and have completely relieved the pain
and tingling and numbness I have been experiencing for years..."
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"I have been using Pad 'N Click and I love it.  
I don't want to go back to the old way"
                                     Jean Campbell, NH
“Until I installed the Pad N’Click never really thought about
how uncomfortable the ergonomics of a typical mouse are.”

“I find that I don't have to click as hard. The Pad N’Click puts less stress on my hand".

" has really made a difference. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and spend a lot of time on the computer -- now my hand
doesn't ache. Anyone who has a computer should own this product, you will be amazed and how well they work and how they
feel. Thank you for making this product."
                                                                                    D. Pope, MN

"Have been using this for about two months now at work. It's practical and effective; I was able to reuse my stock Dell laser
mouse  and I was also able to adjust the pads to fit my particular hand size. My hand adjusted to the pads within a few
minutes, and I don't even notice it's there anymore. My wrist and the top of my hand no longer feel tense, which they
occasionally used to."                                               V. R. (Beaconsfield, Quebec Canada)

"I was at first skeptical that these little gel pads would work, but figured for $5 it couldn't hurt to try. They really do help
distribute the clicking pressure to more of your finger which eases repetitive straining. You do need to pay attention to the
warning against repeatedly removing and replacing the pads, as the stickiness decreases each time. It took me a couple
times to get the placement just right. So place very deliberately after studying where your fingers actually want to click.
Assuming you do that, this product is a great idea and an incredibly good value."

"With the addition of Pad n'Click to my current equipment, it has improved comfort in clicks, and I quickly forget that the gel
pads are there. They are easily positioned in place, and for the price one doesn't have much to lose but to try

I was not expecting much when I ordered these pads, but I was surprised how much I like them. Working in a corporation
provides few opportunities to customize equipment for comfort. These simple pads have eased my 10 hour days at the
keyboard. Great product guys!
                                                            Anthony R. Rinaldi "Anthony" (Enfield, CT)

"...The palm pad fills the void created by the center of your palm against the mouse, which I truly love the 'thicker' feel now
even though I have small hands (for a guy). The 2 finger pads ... render your buttons thicker thus your fingers don't need to
search for the sweet spots on the buttons any more. Plus, their unique contour (dips down towards the front) help to 'slide-
down' your fingers automatically & stabilize them better in the spots better. The softer feel now is really comfy. My next
trackball will have these on too.                                                                                 E.T. Boston, MA (full text on Amazon)
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