REGULAR model is recommended for majority of customers who
do not have any serious pain
in their hands but want to get
their mouse softer and more comfortable.
ARTHRITIS model -  thicker and more gripping finger pads  -
takes some time to get used to but we found it more effective for
people who have severe pain in their hands - based on customer

- If you have no serious pain in your hand the PADandCLICK
REGULAR is best for you.
Thinner finger pads -
recommended for users who do
not have pain in their hands
Thicker finger pads -
recommended for users who suffer
from Arhthritis/Carpal Tunnel
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Depending on your existing level of pain in your hand as a result of extensive
clicking you can chose from the TWO models:
"I have been using Pad 'N Click and  
don't want to go back to the old way"
Jean Campbell, NH
Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee